Coding & Billing

Certified EMS coders & Billers

Claims submittal and follow-up, alone, are essential for every EMS Company to maximize revenue. Failure to submit and supervise clean claims will lead to unpaid, denied, or partially paid trip charges.

This won't be an issue when your EMS Billing and Collection is properly taken care of.

And, that, we can help you with.

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Workflow & Visability

MD1 has incredible features to keep your EMS business working at peak performance, reducing wasted time and resources.

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Comparative Analytics

You will gain improved insights into your run data; both current & historic; providing you information on how to best utilize your crews

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MD1 EMS Continuum is your solution for increased cashflow

At MD1, we utilize proactive and innovative billing and collection approach that has been proven and trusted to maximize revenue for your company, fully equipping you with the tools and the EMS Certified staff you need to maximize revenue, save you time and increase your company’s bottom line.

Helping you to keep track of the pulse of your EMS Company at your fingertips.



  • Jeffrey M. Haworth, NRP , Chief Operating OfficerJeffrey M. Haworth, NRP , Chief Operating OfficerAmerican Transport Services, LLC

    The MD1 team have been nothing short of exemplary. Their assistance came at the perfect time in our company’s lifecycle and they quickly set us up, provided training on their portal, and are responsive to billing questions to make the process more efficient. They are courteous, very collaborative, and are ahead of the curve – anticipating potential problems and mitigating them before we’ve even considered them. I’ve managed EMS companies for almost ten years, and this is the most responsive and reliable billing company I’ve ever worked with. Will absolutely continue using their services well into the future!

  • Betty Richard,  Office ManagerBetty Richard, Office ManagerInfinite Support Medical Services

    I would like to take a few minutes to let you know how awesome MD1 is.  We had a horrible experience with our previous billing company, but MD1 accepted the challenge and helped us get everything back in place and going good with Medicare and other insurances so that we could get payments to keep our doors open.  MD1 was a God send to our company, they are super reliable and very knowledgeable and helpful in making sure you get your money.

  • NextGen EMSNextGen EMS

    MD1 has totally changed the trajectory of our business. They are reliable, transparent, and accessible. Their billing software allows you to track all transactions and they are always available to answer questions and concerns. MD1 has helped NextGen EMS get to the next level and they can do the same for you.

  • Tiffany Skimmiehorn, Director / AdministratorTiffany Skimmiehorn, Director / AdministratorMED1

    MD1 Continuum  has allowed us to grow and better our service, from scheduling calls to billing and everything in between. MD1 Continuum is an all inclusive service that provides everything we need. No more clutter from scheduling and dispatching, patient records are kept within compliance, and billing is handled swiftly. MD1 Continuum has allowed us to increase profitability while decreasing errors and unpaid claims. Overall MD1 Continuum  has allowed us to focus on perfecting patient care and providing excellent service with the knowledge that our billing needs are being handled professionally and adequately.

  • Susie Middlebrooks, General ManagerSusie Middlebrooks, General ManagerGA Peach Medical Transportation, LLC

    I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, and the fabulous team at MD1Health for the outstanding service you are
    providing to our business. Approximately 45 days ago, Dennis and I were in a dire situation. We had retained your
    contact information from previous calls and decided to reach out to the agency. We discussed our “issues”, goals, and
    vision for the success of our business. You listened, heard, and took action to assist us in removing obstacles that were
    in our path – our decision to switch agencies at that point was a “no brainer.”
    The transition from the previous billing agency to MD1 was seamless. Our company started receiving payments within 10
    business days. Our teammates at MD1 have worked diligently to ensure our success. We could not ask for more efficient and
    professional group. In addition, we now have financial data at our fingertips! I am now able view day to day
    transactions and run the necessary reports to maintain effective financial management.
    MD1Health has provided us a most valuable commodity – a peace of mind.
    Thank you.


  • Pete Martin, Chief Operations OfficerPete Martin, Chief Operations OfficerHOPE Ambulance

    We went with this billing company May 11, 2020 and this has been a great move. They have delivered what they promised to us. Very quick responses to our questions. Unlike our previous biller that we never knew if we got paid for a call or the status of the call.  Their site is live and you can easily see what is billed, what is paid, and the status of all your calls. Everybody we have dealt with gives you the impression you are number 1 and accommodate anyway they can. We highly recommend you give these folks a call. 


  • Kassim Kayad, DirectorKassim Kayad, DirectorQuick Care EMS

    If you need billing done there is only one place you should go. Rick and his team put your needs first. Communication is nonstop and they are as reliable as can be. They will work with you to increase your business and go above and beyond to provide tailored services for you to succeed. It is widely apparent that they take pride in the services they provide and are not in it simply to bill your business. If I were you, I'd look no further than MD1. You should have signed with them yesterday!

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